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Online calculators for math formulas, calorie and body weight, scientific, taxes, various tables calculations on the website free



Web to calculate.

Online calculators to solve the examples of mathematics, physics and chemistry theory or geometry. All web app are free at the site can be used without registration and without downloading software to Windows Ni extension to mobile phones. With the help you can perform various operations calculation most trigonometric functions, matrices, logarithms, equations.
They are easy to Use Useful to compare from credit A mortgage has Instructions.

Mortgage calculator To find the fees to be paid over the years with interest included all that has to do with financing and loans in banks. We need to know the interest rates to buy housing, to compare to make decision, factors such as the duration in number of years and income.

Scientific calculator electronics designed for running on Cell Phones Android iPhone and iPad and Windows PC, completely free and full of interesting features, simple interface Perform basic, such as addition, subtraction calculations, multiplication and division basic calculations or trigonometric scientific, percentages, logarithms, degrees, radians, etc.

Currency Converter To Calculate currency exchange rates can convert Euros, Dollars, Pounds, and Pesos etc. Just you have to put the amount and choose the country to see the result import web data transactions in different markets.

Percentage calculate Calculating a percentage with the % symbol very easily. To simplify mathematical operations both a price discount and know for example payment of VAT taxes, interest payments at banks or take laboratory purity of the chemicals in the University..

Calculate the tangent Calculate the tangent trigonometry calculator tangent line angle, the pitch curve to solve math exercises geometry.

Calculate sine. Calculations allows different trigonometric functions sine radians and degrees scientific calculation gives us the angle whose sine is the value just by writing the data.

Power Consumption Calculator to find out much energy household appliances and the price on the electricity bill Average Daily Use Power Watts (h) Monthly Consumed kWh.

Weather Map will see all the weather information in real time rainfall, temperatures, clouds, wind or snow forecast climate by Europe as Spain, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Costa Rica.

Prices Gold This web application is useful to do the calculations, if we want to sell the most expensive and buy the cheapest in any store Buy Gold on the Internet to be able to calculate what is the value of your gold and to discount the commissions that charge us if it is applicable, we can compare In different pawnshops.

Price of silver You can see the price of the dollar, Euros, Pounds, is one of the precious metals. It is used both in jewelry and rings and chains Sterling silver jewelry. You have to put the numbers in Onzas. 1 ounce is 31.1 grams.



Find My Facebook ID Tool for Facebook page or Profile ID is a numeric value that is used to identify the page/profile api like putting in the comments of FB in your blog or web.